Coming soon, a 23 bedroom boutique hotel on the salt shores of Saladita, MX

The creators of LOOT proudly introduce LOOT SURF HOUSE, a full-service, work-from-anywhere-space for the modern traveller and surf adventurist. Located on one of the best longboarding breaks in the world in iconic La Saladita, the property will be a haven for immersive surfing, work, and recreation.

Premium, modern, and comfortable amenities will make LOOT SURF HOUSE the undeniably best place to stay in Saladita, with high-designed areas for retail, relaxation, dining, and recreation. Offering 23 fully equipped rooms with high-speed internet, air-conditioning, and complete with ensuite bathrooms, balconies, and shared living spaces directly in front of the break, the property will feature a full-serviced beach club, restaurant, bar, CLUB HOUSE with board lockers, and modern co-working space, as well as wellness and sport areas including pickleball court, yoga shala, meditation, and massage.