Andrés Saavedra



Andrés Saavedra Design



Designer Andrés Saavedra seamlessly melds an industrial aesthetic with raw and natural finishes for a new wave of Mexican Modernism that’s all his own. 

ASD is a full service architectural, construction, and branding firm located in Mexico City and Zihuatanejo. With a broad portfolio of design and build projects in the hospitality, private residential, and commercial sectors, ASD has successfully handled every scale of development since 2003, including a full renovation of The Thompson Hotel in Zihuatanejo, and construction of luxury complexes, Ensueño, NAO, and beyond.  

In his style, opposing elements come together to create sensory experiences; locally-sourced materials such as stone, palapa, and tropical wood with contemporary components like metal, concrete, and glass. Interiors showcase a curated blend of curiosities both familiar and unknown—artisanal fabrics, modern art, handmade furniture, and intricately patterned tiles.

It’s nature meets nostalgia; minimalism meets momentum. Clean lines, texture. An abundance of light. Always resulting in an invitation for the outside environment and inner spaces to coexist.